The Designer

Kristen Clement's path to NYC’s fashion world was as unique as her vision. After receiving an Individual Studies Degree with a focus on Business at the University of Maryland in 2000, and a few years in working in the real world a change was needed. She made her way to the beach and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, graduating with a degree in Fashion Design in 2006. After working in Children’s Wear, Clement, never one to do the obvious, took the next logical step for someone who hadn’t seen a winter in years – she ditched the sun for New York.  

Kristen spent the next 5 years designing accessories for some of the most well known brands in the country including Ugg, Andrew Marc, Marc New York, Nautica, Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger.

All the while, slowly developing a unique vision that would lead to her first women's line, Kristen Jones.  Kristen drew from her own experience to provide women with something she wished she had, items that could become consistent staples of a wardrobe and still look new, each and every time.  Made to inspire creativity, Kristen Jones provides statement pieces with options. Each garment offers multiple looks from a single item and can easily transform a woman's style.


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