by Kristen Jones on 13 Mar 2013


Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Annie has been interested in all things beautiful since childhood. Accomplished in painting, drawing, photography, and accessory design she received her BFA in graphic design from Louisiana State University in 2002.

While working in the accessories industry in New York for several years as a graphic and handbag designer, Annie never lost her interest in jewelry and the desire to create it. She began taking classes in the fabrication of fine jewelry at a Brooklyn studio, while continuing to move ahead in the corporate world as an accessories designer. After building her skills as a metal smith through apprenticeships and practice she realized that her talent and passion for jewelry must evolve into something bigger than a mere hobby. As an outgrowth of that realization Annie Moran Fine Jewelry was born.

Got to to see all of her incredible pieces that are made in New York. We are featuring her Wetlands Collection shown here. A portion of the profits from these pieces will be donated to the Gulf Restoration Network, for the continued preservation and restoration of the fragile Gulf coast




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